• Esmaeel Narrated by Hajar

    In this film, a few women, as eyewitnesses, tell the story of Khorramshahr from its fall to its liberation during the imposed war on Iran by the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

  • I Am from Iran: Ali Akbar Saboury

    Ali Akbar Saboury, an Iranian scientist in the field of biochemistry, has risen to become a prominent international researcher from a humble background.

  • Currents of Life: Abdul Qadir Schabel

    Abdul Qadir Schabel is a Muslim revert from Germany who embraced Islam almost 3 decades ago. In this documentary, he speaks about the story of his conversion and his active role in the Muslim community.

  • A Gasp for Breath

    The reasons behind climate change or global warming, as a threatening environmental problem, and the adverse repercussions it inflicts upon different aspects of human life are discussed in detail.

  • Mina 53°C

    On 24 September 2015, one of the deadliest Hajj disaster in history occurred as a crowd collapse caused hundreds of deaths. This film has a humanitarian look at the incident one year later.

  • Modern Slaves

    The subtle infiltration of modern slavers into the minds makes it hard to detect them. Mojahedin-e Khalgh Organization is one of them which is well-portrayed in the movie, “the Mina Facility”.

  • Iranscape: Jhiho and Kenis

    Jhiho and Kenis are two foreign students who are studying the Persian language in Iran. In this episode of Iranscape we follow them as they visit two different museums in Tehran.

  • Iran vs. Britain: A History of Distrust

    Iran and Britain have had a turbulent relationship in the past with Britain’s neocolonial approach. However, can the two nations put the past behind them for better relations in the future?

  • No One Is Illegal

    Immigration detention centers are covert prisons trapping people who seek a seemingly better life. These governmental centers in Europe and especially in Spain constantly violate human right laws.

  • Iran-Trotter: Gazan Chal

    Javad Gharaei is a young tourist who travels across Iran to explore the country’s most exotic places. In this episode, he visits the exquisite nature of Gazan Chal in north Iran.

  • Currents of Life: Mariam Geist

    In this documentary, we meet a German Muslim convert, Mariam Geist. She details her experience of learning about Islam, the story of her conversion and her life after she embraced Islam.

  • Iranscape: Santiago and George

    Santiago, from Spain, and George, from Romania are each staying in Iran for a different reason. They both, however, are passionately learning about Iranian culture and language.

  • In the Name of Faith

    The underlying reasons for the advent of terrorist extremist groups in the Balkans, who are then sent to fight in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, are analyzed in this highly informative documentary.


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