West of the Orontes River

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The Syrian conflict is now in its third year. Atrocities carried out by foreign backed militants have claimed tens of thousands of lives including those of children and women. Al-Qaida has now officially announced its presence in the war. The West has time and again stated its support of the armed insurgents and the Al-Nusrat front’s crimes are becoming ever more gruesome. Meanwhile Al-Qusayr countryside – especially regions located on the western bank of the Orontes River - plays a significant role in the transfer of arms and militants into the country. The area has acted as a major transit point for an influx of weapons and fires in the past two years. With exclusive footage from the front-lines of the Syrian Arab Army, the movie tells the story of how this area was freed village by village to create a buffer zone between Lebanon and the region to cut the supply routes of the armed groups.


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