Memories of Qasr Edifice

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A museum to wonder and reflect, a prison for torture and control, and a spectacular palace fit for a king! Perhaps these three places don’t have the faintest connection with each other, but the thread of time has woven them together to create the tapestry of the Qasr edifice. This documentary explores the history of Qasr edifice. The story of a museum that has had so many ups and downs, dependent to the different utilization of the place; the journey from a luxurious palace which was converted to a dreadful political prison and is now a museum. Qasr edifice is intertwined with some of the most turbulent and crucial years of Iran’s history. And within the confines of its walls it holds countless memories of suffering and struggle. Now, after more than 3 decades since the Islamic revolution in Iran, this documentary brings the untold stories of those who experienced the horrors of the edifice in its darkest years.


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