Justice for Jordi

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This film follows the struggles of Maria, the mother of jordi who committed a suicide after being sexually abused by a well-connected man. Can she bring the man to trial?

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “My name is Mary. I’m Jordi’s mother. I’m 46 years old. It’s been 3 years and 3 months since I lost my son. He was 17 and his name was Jordi. He lost took his own life after being sexually abused. He was the victim of multiple sexual assaults committed by the Advisor of Catalonia’s Left Republic (Esquerra Republicana) in Cubelles.

We accused him of sexual assault and the case went to court eight days later. My son appeared in court as a witness. The suffering and torment cost him his life. Since then, we struggle for justice, to put the advisor in jail.”

Narration: At the beginning of 2010, soldiers arrested Joan Andreu Rodriguez for alleged sexual abuse on multiple counts. One boy, who was 14, accused Rodriguez of caressing his genitals. Two days later, two other children came forward and went to the police station with similar complaints.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “Well, there’s nothing more we can do.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria’s Friend: “We have just five days until the trial begins”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “I hope after this it will all be finally over.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria’s Friend: “Yeah, because it never…”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “Because it has been a nightmare. I’m nervous.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria’s Friend: “That’s normal… you’ve been under a lot of stress; you’ve been waiting for many days to see whether their response is going to be just or not.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “Yeah… well …. Little by little I’m becoming more anxious.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “One of my co-workers told me that in the newspapers they said they arrested the deputy mayor. It said they arrested the deputy mayor of Cubelles for the sexual abuse of children.

I knew my son was friends with the staff of the Municipality of Cubelles. So, obviously, as soon as I came home I asked him: “Jordi, is this deputy mayor of Cubelles a friend of yours? He said: “Yes, Mom.” I asked: “Do you know that he has been arrested for child abuse?”

And then I asked him “Has he ever done something like that to you?” - and at that time he answered “‘no”. I don’t know… at that time it reassured me because he’d never lied to me before. Then he went off to school. But now I know he did not tell me the truth.

I know he told some of his girlfriends that he was sexually assaulted. But to me he said he hadn’t been because he didn’t want to make me worried, or maybe he didn’t know how to tell me.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Gloria Vidal, Jordi’s friend: “Since that day, he seemed to be a different person than before. He moped around in deep thought, and was sad all the time.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Gerard Galofre, Jordi’s friend: “I remember it was right there where it happened.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Gloria Vidal, Jordi’s friend: “Yeah, it was right there near the wall. After that day, he came and told us everything.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Mireia Trejo,Jordi’s friend: “When you looked into his eyes, you could tell that what he was saying was true. Because I felt what he said was true, it made me feel very troubled inside - How he was able to keep it all a secret!”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Gloria Vidal, Jordi’s friend: “When he told us his story, we didn’t know what we should do about it, because, you’re thinking you don’t want to feel humiliated; but on the other hand, you have to report such things to somebody. He was so sorry for telling us… his mother… no.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Gerard Galofre, Jordi’s friend: “He didn’t want to make her worried. So he told us that he did not want her to know because he didn’t want something bad to happen to her. “

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Mireia Trejo,Jordi’s friend: “At that time he didn’t like telling his mother ‘no, nothing happened’ because he knew he was lying to her. This ‘no’ really means ‘I don’t know what to do’; I don’t know what to do…”

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SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: So obviously his friends advised him that he should tell me, that he cannot keep silent about this. As soon as he got home from school, he came and stood in front of me, in front of the couch and said to me, “Mom! I need to talk to you.” And at that moment, I don’t know, my heart sank. I asked: “What happened?”

He started to cry and told me that he had not told me the truth before and that he ‘was’ sexually abused by Joan Andreu.

I can’t explain, but it was as if something entered my body. The only thing I could do was bring out some food, I told them to eat and then we would go to the Los Mossos Police Station together. I didn’t want to hear anything else, or maybe, I knew what would happen at the police station. When he spoke of it, I found out the whole story. We reported the incident, accused Andreu, and our nightmare started from that day.”

Narration:Because Jordi was underage, he had to make his complaint in an open court for a pre-trial. This was on January 11th, 2010, in Vilanova I Geltru Court No. 6.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “On the day of the pre-trial, we arrived at the court, and we couldn’t see anything except the front booth. We wanted to know which courtroom we had to go to. The elevator opened and he came in with his lawyer. This was before he made his statement, I saw him for the first time.

Just imagine! My son was in court and I noticed he was excessively anxious. I told him to be calm. If I didn’t help keep my son calm, he wouldn’t be able to give a testimony because he was very frightened of the accused.”

Narration: Jordi, his mother, and his step-father, Louis were nervous, but ready to proceed. They entered the courtroom.

Video of Pre-trial

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Judge’s voice: “We are here for Jordi Momene Librado’s complaint.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: We entered the courtroom and the show began. At the start, he asked me why he was standing on that side and I had to stand on this side. And I told him he was standing there because courtrooms were planned like that. Andreu was not seen; he was standing outside and didn’t enter the courtroom.

I told my son to speak up; I wanted him to tell the court everything, to tell the truth. I told him to stay calm and talk about everything that occurred; I told him nothing can hurt him in here. I basically told him a lie just so he would be calm and talk clearly about everything that happened to him.”

Film of Prologue

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Jordi: “It was in the summer of 2007. I went to his home. He was sitting in front of his computer. I don’t know why, but he unexpectedly told me to look at these carefully… he was pointing to his genitals.

I was shocked. He was sitting at his computer and I sat down on his lap, in an innocent way, and he began to move, unobtrusively to prevent me from noticing. I imagine, it was to not to appear to be offensive in his mannerism.

He slowly moved his left hand beside me, while we were in front of the computer, and he put his hand on me. He pulled my pants down a little and looked at me. He touched me and lifted it once or twice, but… just this, nothing else. Then he stopped and told me, “finished”. That was the first time.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Judge’s voice: “That happened in September 2007.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother:He told of four or five such episodes that occurred over some years.”

Narration: The house of fear of which the boy talked about is the defendant’s family home. It is a big house in the heart of Cubelles, a home that is cursed as far as Maria believes, where Joan Andreu lives with his wife and two children.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother:This is the house behind me. The office downstairs is the place where the abuses occurred. I feel infuriated whenever I pass by it. If I ever got him on his own, I don’t know what I would do to him.

But I’m aware that I mustn’t do anything foolish, so I control myself and I focus on getting justice. I think justice will be achieved when he is tried. Jordi told me of 4 or 5 instances of sexual abuse by this man. All of them happened in that house, except for one time when he invited Jordi to a pool party somewhere else to celebrate his son’s birthday.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Jordi: “In the summer of 2008, I came back from the seaside. I remember Andreu was at the Municipality’s outdoor pool with his two children, his family and also a number of other boys. He was throwing a birthday party and he invited me along. I told him, “Let me ask my grandma. If she lets me, I’ll come.””

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Carmen Jimenez, Jordi’s Grandmother: “Jordi used to stay with us on weekends. Sometimes I think that I am also partly to blame for what happened. I know this man, if we can call him a man. Whenever he saw me in Cubelles, he would slap me on the back with the palm of his hand. He said to me once, “Mrs. Carmen, your grandson is so far from you.”

Film of Pre-Trial

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Jordi: “And I remember he pushed me into the pool, and he took the opportunity to touch my balls… I mean, my sexual organs. It was like a game to him, and he had doen the same thing once or twice before.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Judge’s voice: “Were other people there?”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Jordi: “Yes!”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Judge’s voice: “Were his children there, too?”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Jordi: “Yes!”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother:“When he found his voice, that man who was on the other side of the wall, coughed. You can see in the video that my son turned his head and looked at me, and then he saw him. At that moment he lost his nerve to continue.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Judge’s voice: “Well, there is nothing else. Thank you. Thank you, Jordi. You can sit.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother:The last time Jordi saw him, Andreu wanted Jordi to conduct a survey for the Left Republican Party. Jordi brought the questionnaires home and then he went out to return them to him. They met and they talked for a while. He asked Jordi to have a drink, he gave him a cola. And after that, the only thing Jordi remembered was that next minute his pants were down and he was being sexually assaulted by him. So, something didn’t add up. At the end of June, after they met each other that time, my son went on holidays with his grandparents. My mother called me and said, “Your son is complaining saying his anus is painful.” Well, a week passed and his condition was still the same.

We had a holiday together also. We planned to go to Punta Cana, the three of us went there, my husband Louis, my son, and I.

Three days after we returned home the doctor performed an endoscopy for an emergency operation. During the endoscopy, the doctor came out of the room and called me over. He told me that there is a fissure in his anus. He said, “We know that he has a fissure in his anus and it is likely a result of rape.” But he did not dare to testify to that in the court - He did not tell the court about the fissure.

When the Mayor coughed in the court, my son feared talking about the rape because he told my son beforehand that it was a secret between them and he must never tell anyone about it.

I remained silent at that time because I knew that, when it came time to help the other victims, he will speak out about it then. He would put it down on paper and we could submit it to the judge. But… well… we lost Jordi just eight days after his testimony.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Luis Mendez, Jordi’s step father: “I don’t know how to tell you what I want to say. You’ve left an empty place in the hearts of your family and your close friends. We miss your ideas; we miss seeing you, embracing you, laughing with you and kissing you. We miss your craziness and mischief. We miss your gentleness, which is rare to see in the world these days. We miss your notes and poems. We miss your wonderful heart.

I laugh when I think about your life and cry when I think that you’re gone. I was like a father to you, and a friend. You knew I wanted to help you. I never wanted to leave you alone. I think you felt you had to abandon us because you did not want to hurt us. I would prefer to be in hell now rather than live without with you here.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “He would be deep in thought. It was a strange day because Jordi never slept in. That day he overslept. And I got up quickly to take him to school. He was very calm, sitting in the kitchen and having his breakfast. We arrived at the school. He kissed me good bye. And that was it. He ended his life.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Ivan Murillo, friend: “The last time I saw Jordi was on the day he died. As I walked out the door of the classroom Jordi called out to me from behind, but I didn’t turn around to answer. I was tired from the class and just wanted to go home.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Gloria Vidal, Jordi’s friend: “Everything was normal that morning.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Mireia Trejo,Jordi’s friend: “That day we had an exam.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Gloria Vidal, Jordi’s friend: “A Catalan Exam.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Mireia Trejo,Jordi’s friend: “We were happy in the last class after the exam finished. That’s the last thing I remember.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Gloria Vidal, Jordi’s friend: “We all went home. Before we left we went over the exam questions and talked about our answers to each other. He was there with us.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Ivan Murillo, friend: “I feel guilty because that day when Jordi called me I didn’t turn acknowledge him. He must have wanted to talk to me about something important. He even phoned me later. It was the last time, but I couldn’t answer because I was in the school yard and didn’t have my cell phone with me. I left it at home. When I got home I noticed the missed call.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “I usually called him to talk to him whenever he came home late. For example at six o’clock in the evening, when I have my afternoon tea I would call him to find out if he was alright… And on that last day I called out to him, but he didn’t answer… and later I found out that something had happened.

“Let’s go upstairs, let’s go”, I said. We went up the stairs, but found him already dead at the bathroom sink. Louis and I lifted him out of the sink and tried to revive him, but he was gone… I knew it was too late. I was giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to my son, but his body was cold. He was dead, but we continued anyway until the paramedics came. We gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart message. But no, Jordi was dead. He had been dead for hours.

Jordi died a short time after he got home. After that, my life ended. I lost the most important person in my life. My life doesn’t have any meaning anymore, whatever I do, whatever I try. His bed is there just as he left it. I don’t dare change the sheets.

His classmates gave this to him as a gift. His favorite watch is there with the sticks I collected in his school yard. These are his grays. I bought him this lamp, quartz white, because I need it - I need to see the light on. His pyjamas are as he left them; his slippers. And here are all the presents given to me.

Well, here is Jordi’s bathroom. And this is where he died. I remember the blood on the floor. I remember many things. It doesn’t frighten me.

He put a garbage bag on his head. He took a gas lighter from downstairs and put a cloth at the bottom of the bag, so no air could leave, then, he opened the gas bottle. And what he left for me was a sweet death. He slowly went to sleep as he ran out of oxygen. He suffocated himself.

It is clear, he was forced to do this. He had been threatened if he didn’t do this, something would happen. They threatened him that they would harm me or his grandparents. He loved his grandparents. He must have been threatened.

I cannot forgive what they did to my son. I can forgive many things, but this is unforgivable. This man, Joan Andreu Rodriguez Serra, sexually abused my son and made him commit suicide. It is obvious to me. I won’t forgive, not him and not his family, for life.”

Narration: Andreu met up our reporter Sergi Ferre, who was testing his patience. And these are images of what happened.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Sergi Ferre, Reporter: “Hello Joan! All we want to know is what made Jordi’s mother ask for your arrest and imprisonment. We just want to know this. We are not here to say who is guilty or make a judgment. We just want to know.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Joan Rodriguez Serra: “Sergi! You haven’t gone to Madrid? You haven’t been to Madrid.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Sergi Ferre, Reporter: “I have, but not recently.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Joan Rodriguez Serra: “So, let’s go together, all right?”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Sergi Ferre, Reporter: “As far as I know, we aren’t here to…”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Joan Rodriguez Serra: “Justice is the one who should speak here.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Sergi Ferre, Reporter: “I know.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Joan Rodriguez Serra: “No!”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Sergi Ferre, Reporter: “Don’t switch the mike off. Don’t switch it off.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Joan Rodriguez Serra: “Don’t frown! Don’t frown!”

Narration: The politician Joan Andreu Rodriguez, the former deputy mayor of Cubelles, former member of council, the Left Republican chief and former manager of a center for children.

People who know him say he is opinionated, arrogant and cruel. He is used to acting with impunity. That is why he showed such an elusive reaction when our reporter tried to interview him about the issue.

This video belongs to Aerial 3 and according to Maria Librado, it shows us what the real Joan is like.


Narration: He sort of smashed it. I saw him grab the mike and he appeared to intentionally try to break it. Do you recognize this man?

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “Yes!”

Narration: “Is he like this?”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “Yes!”

Narration: He is brutal?

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “I don’t know, but he is very arrogant and opinionated. I’ve never met him. I haven’t dare d to meet him, but my mother saw him on the street. My mother distributed some posters of him, on which was written, “There is a pedophile thug in Cubelles, who is walking around.” And we distributed these posters across the city of Vilanova Geltru to the surrounding towns.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Ivan Morio: “When we went to Cubelles wearing T-shirts of Jordi’s photo with the word, ‘Justice’ written on them, we found that most people ignored us or seemed to not want to know the truth of what really happened.

I don’t know whether this reaction is because Andreu is a powerful man and people are frightened of him, or they are just sheep. A child is dead and his mother asks for justice. It is more than mere accusation, there are 5 other children making the same claims and none of them know each other, but they all say the same thing. They all accuse the same person. They are from different neighborhoods. There is no doubt. We don’t need the court to work out if this man is guilty or not.”

Narration: Since the former deputy mayor has remained free, Maria and her supporters have continued their demonstrations demanding justice. They even organized a petition to have Joan Andreu Rodrigez Serra imprisoned.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Carmen Jimenez, Jordi’s Grandmother: “You see! My daughter is undertaking a huge struggle. She says that she promised her son justice. She’s broken inside. She feels bad. But fighting to get justice is what keeps her going.”

A video

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Enrique Librado, Jordi’s grandfather: “I’m definitely sure that he would have been sent to prison had he not been a politician. The fact is though that he is a politician and people are frightened of him, so they don’t hold him accountable; they keep supporting him.

Obviously, when Joan Andreu speaks, his minions do what he wants as if he is God. The reason is that there is a lot of corruption. The only thing we want is that he be tried for what he allegedly did to my grandson and these other children.

When we went to Cubelles, the public avoided participating in the demonstration. We were only four friends in the entire demonstration. This is at a time when people knew very well what happened to Jordi.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Carmen Jimenez, Jordi’s Grandmother: “My daughter joined in the demonstration to show her support, as well as doing other things. The people wouldn’t roll down their car window for them. On the contrary, when they saw them wearing the T-shirts, they turned their heads away.”


SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “I put on T-shirts with a photo of my son, like the one which is hanging there. I haven’t been ignored in any village as much as I’ve been ignored here by the people. I hope that what happened to my son happens to the bastards who took these signs and who show no sympathy.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Enrique Librado, Jordi’s grandfather: “My daughter’s character has changed drastically. She has become much more sensitive to things. She feels a lot of pain inside, like all of us.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Carmen Jimenez, Jordi’s Grandmother: “Maria! You would think that she holds a position of leadership. She feels pain, but doesn’t show it to anyone. When she comes to visit our home, she acts a certain way, but when she is at her own home, she is an entirely different person.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “Here is the place I keep my pills. I have to take them. These two should be taken in the morning, and these should be taken in the evening so that I don’t feel dizzy. Sometimes, I can’t remember if I took them or not because I’ve been taking them for a long time. Four pills in the morning, one at noon, and one, two, three, four, five pills in the evening. All of them are to make me stay in control. If I’m not calm... there’s no way.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Enrique Librado, Jordi’s grandfather: “I don’t think Mary will ever be fully well again because she is in such a depressed state. She takes many pills. She sees a psychiatrist every five days. We are very worried; we notice that her mood and depression is getting worse.

We can’t do much for her because you can’t suggest to her to stop this fight because this fight gives her reason to live. The day when this struggle finishes, we don’t know what will happen; we are frightened for when that day comes.”

Narration: On Fridays, Maria goes to Cubelles’ market to inform the people there that Joan Andreu Rodriguez Serra still roams free.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “This is Cubelles’ Market. This is the place we come to every Friday. We come here wearing our T-shirts of Jordi so people in Cubelles don’t forget what happened to him because it seems that the people living here have selective memory. They forget, so we come here constantly to remind them of what happened. We brave the ugly disdainful looks people give us while sometimes, some people show their support.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Gloria Vidal, Jordi’s friend: “After a long time, I feel we are still at the beginning of the journey.... I mean, ‘justice’… there seems no progress towards it.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Mireia Trejo,Jordi’s friend: “I think it’s about the third time that she’s going to the court to follow up on the case. She gets angry because something should have happened by now. It’s taking a long time. The little that has happened so far makes you frustrated and you say, “It’s time... it’s time he went to prison so that justice is finally dispensed. He should be treated like any other person.””

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Jerald Galourfe, Jordi’s friend: “Nothing has changed...”

Narration: Joan Andreu Rodriges Serra’s trial has been adjourned since 2011.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “People think that he is powerful; that he will never be imprisoned. Excuse me? No way! He will be imprisoned, he will, because he is guilty and I want him to live in torment for years to come, for him to suffer even half of what my son had suffered. We are on our way to Madrid. Channel 5 telephoned us wanting to interview us about our situation. I’m over-stressed, and tired. I want it all to be finished; I want the court to make its decision and sentence him to prison so I can finally begin a normal life. I can’t get my old life back because it does not exist anymore. No, I can’t get it back. But I can try for a new beginning and learn how to live again. Until then it’s like a hell, nothing more than hell. “

Narration: Today is April 14th, 2014. There is only one day until the moment Joan Rodriguez Serra sits before the court. He is charged with the sexual abuse of 5 children. Maria, Jordi’s mother, together with her husband, have traveled to Madrid to retell the story of her son on a major television program.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “At this time tomorrow, the trial will commence. It’s unbelievable! After three years of waiting! It’s like a dream. I don’t think about it. Why not? I have nothing to think about.

I mean... I should say... I should tell the truth. When you tell the truth, it makes no difference whether they ask you about something today, tomorrow or whenever. I want to say it makes no difference to me... I am exhausted, mentally and physically, I can’t go on.

The investigations are there. Children who gave testimony are there. And all of us know that he is guilty as a child abuser. The point is that, despite these facts, they still let him walk free so he can go about removing his footprints. He could remove many of his traces. He has bought off many people.

I hope he will be sent to prison despite being a politician, despite having influence, and despite being from the Left Republic party. When he was in the Municipality of Cubelles, I am sure they protected him. And they are still protecting him now. I expected the politicians of Cubelles to help me so that they would deserve the respect I have for them.

I lost my son. Nothing can hurt me more. But there are other children involved. I am in a fight not only to get my son’s abuser, but also to stop this man from abusing other children. I want him to be tried for what he did. He must be imprisoned. This is the only thing I can say. He has ruined my life. All the people around me detest his sin.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Female news Presenter: “It has been three years and three months that Maria has been in limbo. She no longer experiences happiness. She will never give up the fight to imprison the pedophile who abused her son and caused his death.

1000 days after being charged with the sexual abuse of 5 children, Joan Andreu is still on the streets. The final court session for Jordi is to be held tomorrow. It has taken what seems forever to get here after being postponed twice so far.

Even though the young boy’s family lives in the same city as the defendant, they rarely cross paths. They suffer at the thought of him leading a normal life with his wife and young children.”

Maria organized a petition in order to compel authorities to grant his arrest and imprisonment. 140,000 signatures have been collected.

Today, she waits for the court to commence the hearing. Hopefully it is the beginning of the end for her son’s abuser – it is the only thing that would allow her to find some semblence of peace.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “Every morning, when I wake up, I am thinking I am one day closer to being with my son.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maxim Huerta, Journalist: “Maria, Jordi’s mother is with us, and Louis Mendez, her husband. Are you ready for this? It has taken a long time.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “So much.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maxim Huerta, Journalist:“It took a long time. I think, too long.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “I can’t wait for tomorrow to arrive.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maxim Huerta, Journalist: “Are you ready to meet him? You are going to see him face to face.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: Yes!”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maxim Huerta, Journalist: “But this time it is different - in the court room. Tomorrow, are you ready to see him eye to eye?”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “Me, yes! I will have no problem seeing him. In fact, I’m looking forward to court proceedings because he had me charged once in the past.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maxim Huerta, Journalist: “What will you be hoping for after tomorrow’s trial?”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “I hope Justice will be dispensed this time. I hope especially that the trial will be a quick one and not drag out because the process of a decision in Vilanova courts can take a long time. And this...”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maxim Huerta, Journalist:“Another delay?”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “I hope it leads to a quick conviction.

This is my friend, Araceli.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Araceli Montes, Maria’s friend: “Her nightmares.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “I know her from the Net, from the first program I went to the television, and we became friends.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Araceli Montes, Maria’s friend: “I came here today because she needs my support, and I want to be here with her because tomorrow is the court session.

Let me see what time it is... 4:30 a.m. We have to wake up at 6:30. Well, no, we have to wake up and get dressed. But I just put on my pyjamas.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “I hope that tomorrow... well, let me say I hope there will be no quarrels for the next five hours.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Araceli Montes, Maria’s friend: “We should get there early to see that damn pedophile.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “At about 6:20. Araceli went to sleep, so did Louis. But I can’t sleep. I’m a bit stressed. It’s getting near morning. The court starts in just three hours from now.”

Narration: Since 9 a.m., family, friends and acquaintances, as well as members of the ‘Justice for Jordi’ campaign have been standing outside the court doors, not knowing what is going on inside.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Anna Rosa Kintana, TV presenter: “Finally, this is the moment this mother has spent years waiting for. Today, court proceedings for her son Jordi, commences. He was just 17 years old when he committed suicide, eight days after giving testimony against the deputy mayor of Cubelles, Joan Andreu Rodriguez Serra, now charged with sexual abuse of minors. Serra is charged with sexually abusing at least 4 other children.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Pilar Pato, Lawyer: “If I ask you a question, they can stop me.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “Yes.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Pilar Pato, Lawyer: “I want you to enter.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “and explain.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Araceli Montes, Maria’s friend: “That arrogant pedophile thug has come with his wife and children. My heart sank after I saw him.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Carmen Jimenez, Jordi’ Grandmother: “Laugh, laugh, laugh, I’ll show you... laugh again.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Araceli Montes, Maria’s friend: “Carmen saw him and then rushed towards him. We had to restrain her, because she just rushed at him. All last night she was nervous and tense and so in court she rushed to try to attack him. We intercepted and restrained her, gave her a tranquilizer pill to calm her down.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Reporter: “At this moment we are with Carmen, who is Jordi’s grandmother. Carmen! How are you? How do you feel?”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Carmen Jimenez, jordi’ Grandmother: “Well, I’m calmer now. When I saw him coming into the court... he is not like any other man... I saw him and well, this made me so upset. It’s normal, not only for me, but for all the people here. My feelings are shared by all the people who have come to support us, all who are standing on the platform here.

All these people are present to tell him we know the truth of what he’s done. Nothing else can be said. He is something, which has no name except rascal and bastard. For me, he is a pedophile and a murderer. I want justice for Jordi and for the other five children who were also abused by him; and the many others who did not dare come forward to give their testimony. We hope one day they will come and confess their suffering.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Araceli Montes, Maria’s friend: “Today is a difficult day for her because it’s really hard to see the person who killed your grandchild.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Carmen Jimenez, jordi’ Grandmother: “He has come with his wife, who is worse than him. He has come with his son, who is worse than him. He has come with his daughter, who, I don’t know if she’s better or worse than him because I don’t know her. But she is no more than 16.

I called out to him, ‘bastard’; I called him, ‘murderer’; I called him all sorts of things. Today is April 15th. It has been three years and four months since my grandson lost his life, and I lost my grandson who I loved more than anyone else. And I... died.”

Narration: Behind closed doors, the court session took less than 6 hours to complete. The atmosphere outside of the courtroom was very tense.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], TV Reporter: “Mary, we want to ask you a question. Can you tell us what happened in court? We reporters were not allowed inside.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “Now I can tell you what Jordi told me. I wasn’t able to talk about it before. When Jordi saw him that last time, he suffered unforgiveable abuse. I promised not to talk about it because he wanted to say it himself, but now he can’t, now I should tell it.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Pilar Pato, Lawyer: “The defendant shows no emotion in response to the testimonies against him. A further development is that the attorney general is requesting Maria be charged with giving false testimony. The attorney general asked...”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “You should go to prison. You know all about what happened.

Rosalia Bonaire, shame, ... shame on you... and all of your bastard family. And now you go... and make a complaint against me. Now you try to have me charged.

He is here to answer for the abuse of my son. He is going to prison for what he did - for his assault, for his murder. My son lost his life because he couldn’t live with what your husband did to him. This has to be clear to you. And your children are going to leave you and your husband.

Family... you know Rodriguez Serra... you close the door on me and I open three windows. I open three windows for my son.

Yes... Bravo Mary. (Audience applauds).”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Louis Mendez: “The thing is... I don’t know how his children and wife can stay with him after what he’s done because I am sure about one thing, that what Jordi said, is the truth. It is just a shock.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: I don’t send a message by standing beside him. So far I have told them the four things I want to say… and well... that is why, ‘no’. Actually, it makes no difference. They are not embarrassed to come out and look me in the eye. They are not ashamed. They are not.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Louis Mendez:Jordi is giving us power, from wherever he is now, in order to help us solve the problem he could not solve himself.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “I’m not moving until he gets here, until I tell him the four things I want to say.

When he went in I told him and when he comes out, I’ll tell him again.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “It’s now 8:30 p.m. We’ve been here for 13 hours now. They are clearing out the parking lot with their police cars.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Pilar Pato, Lawyer: “He left with the police. He always has this request and this time is no different than times before.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “We are waiting here until the court convicts him. We have done everything we can. We can’t do any more except wait for the judge to issue the decision.

Shouts of “Justice for Jordi”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish], Maria Librado, Jordi’s mother: “Justice, please.”

Narration: To this day, the decision has not been issued. Mary and her family are still waiting for Justice to be awarded. ‘Justice for Jordi’.


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