Bahrain: Crushing Dissent

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Four years have passed since the so-called Arab Spring came to Bahrain. Protests still continue, as does the brutality of police that aim to crush the uprising with gas tears and rubber bullets. With political leaders and activists behind bars, tensions will remain high and no signs of abating will be seen in this tiny Arab state of the Persian Gulf in the near future. Reports of ill treatment continue to emerge from Jau, the country's main prison, as authorities crack down on detainees. The recent sentencing of Shia opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman has also created a further political deadlock sparking mass protests across the country in February this year to show that the fissure between people and the authorities is not going to disappear. Now that Western leaders continue their silence, the question is how the authorities are continuing to suppress dissenting voices in the country as demonstrations sweep across the country?


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