Back from the Waste Land

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The MKO is a terrorist group which has ruthlessly killed thousands of Iranian citizens with the aim of overthrowing the Iranian government. This anti-Iranian terrorist organization was initially founded 50 years ago to oppose the dictator Shah of Iran. But after the Shah’s fall and the victory of the Islamic Revolution it metamorphosed into a full-fledged terrorist cult to reveal its true intentions and identity. Thousands of Iranian civilians have been the victims of MKO’s acts of terror. But the cult’s own members are also victims, they have suffered both physically and psychologically. Trapped in the confines of the cult’s garrison, and brainwashed through the years, MKO members are forbidden to even think about a normal life. For those who awaken perhaps the conditions are worse, stuck between a hard place and a rock their only chance for a livable future is to escape, yet the price for that could be to sacrifice their life. Many sociologists have strived to identify and analyze the workings of cults but perhaps no one knows the horrors of life inside better than its own former members, those who found the courage to escape and were lucky enough to succeed. In this documentary we meet two former MKO members who fled from the clutches of the cult against all odds. And now they provide a rare glimpse into two decades of life inside a cult, a life wasted in fear, hopelessness and deception.


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