Dirty Game: The Archenemies

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ISIL and other terrorist groups have been in Syria to destroy the country’s infrastructure, protect Israel’s interests and portray an ugly face of Islam.

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Abdullatif Omran, Editor-In-Chief, Albaath Newspaper: “After the collapse of the Soviet Union and other East Bloc countries in the early ‘90s, wars and crises erupted in 52 regions across the world. The number of this region equals the number of US states.”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Karim Aphram, Patriarch, Mar Georges Church: “As the Western colonialism got interested in the wealth of this land, it began to dissect it.”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Ahmad Al-Haj Ali- Political Expert: “The question is why the West has been stuck in a contradiction between its way of thinking and its modus operandi; it claims that it’s in line with democracy and respects the other side’s opinion but at the same time it approves of terrorists actions and supports the terrorist groups while they’re killing innocent people.”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Karim Aphram, Patriarch, Mar Georges Church: “In the East, religion plays an important role in the life of man. That’s why they took this approach and made up tribes and sects within the religious framework.”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Ahmad Al-Haj Ali- Political Expert: “A malicious game has started. The Westerners call it “dirty game.””

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Malaz Meghdad, Lecturer, Center for Syrian Studies: “Since the outbreak of the US-led war against Syria, it was clear that the aim was to weaken Syria and bring its political system to its knees and ultimately wipe the concept of governance in this land in order to achieve two basic objectives in the region; first, to protect the Israeli regime and beef its security up; second, to secure the sources of energy and protect the US interests in the region.”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Karim Aphram, Patriarch, Mar Georges Church: “A few months ago when I was in New Jersey, the US, I asked a member of the US Congress, “How are US interests in the region secured through the invasion of Syria?” It was September back then and Syria had been invaded being accused of using chemical weapons. He answered, “We have national interests in the region and we have to protect them.” I asked, “How come US national interests must be in our land?” He answered, “We have friends there and we must protect their interests.””

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Abdullatif Omran, Editor-In-Chief, Albaath Newspaper: “Wherever in the world conflicts arise, you can see obviously the presence of the US there.”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Taleb Ibrahim, Deputy Director, Damascus Center for Strategic Studies: “The US is pursuing three goals in the Middle East: Oil, the survival of the House of Saud to guard oil resources, and the survival of Israel to protect oil and the House of Saud.”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Abdullatif Omran, Editor-In-Chief, Albaath Newspaper: “After the presence of the US, you can see obviously the presence of the Zionists in the heart of crises.”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Bassam Abu-Abdullah, Director, Damascus Center for Strategic Studies: “The ultimate goal of Zionism and Wahhabism is to dissect the region to help a unified Jewish state come to power because the rise of such a state depends on the complete dissolution of a region that is made up of different tribes and ethnic groups .Now it’s become clear that the war on Syria was instigated by the Zionists; in fact, there’s a link between Israel and the terrorist groups. Targeting the Syrian Army, air bases and airports have nothing to do with the revolution. It shows that Israel has hidden security agenda.”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Nabil Na'eem, Former Al –Qaeda Commander: “Are Daesh militants wounded in the conflicts being treated in Lebanon? No, they aren’t. Neither are they in Egypt nor Saudi Arabia but they are sent to Israel to receive medical treatment. I daresay more than 1,500 Daesh militants have been hospitalized in the occupied territories so far.”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Newscaster: “How have you obtained such information?”

TIME CODE: 06:51

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Nabil Na'eem, Former Al –Qaeda Commander: “Well, where are the wounded taken to then?”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Bassam Abu-Abdullah, Director, Damascus Center for Strategic Studies: “It’s now an open secret that Benjamin Netanyahu has paid the wounded Daesh terrorists a visit.”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Adnan Al-Aroor, Religious Leader Of Takfiri Groups: “O kind people, help the wounded as much as you can; we even want Israel to do the same thing. We expect Israel to do so.”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Injured Terrorist visited by Daesh: “You saved us. We thank you.”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Bassam Abu-Abdullah, Director, Damascus Center for Strategic Studies: “Even when they called themselves dissident groups, they made direct connections with the Israeli regime and asked them for help, giving some promises instead. Some of them declared that Israel could overthrow the Syrian political system.”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Taleb Ibrahim, Deputy Director, Damascus Center for Strategic Studies: “The support of Israeli, the dissection of the Arab East into emirates with everyday religious conflicts in them, the derailment of the Islamic power from its main front line – that is the US and Israel – to incite Sunni Muslims to kill Shia Muslims and vice versa so as to ignite a ruinous war among them; These are parts of a plan designed by people like Bernard-Henri Lévy, Frank Wisner, Gene Sharp and many others. They’ve called Muslims “human quadrupeds.””

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Taleb Ibrahim, Deputy Director, Damascus Center for Strategic Studies: “It suffices to create divisions among them to see how they fight like cat and dog. This way, they’ll destroy themselves so we can live in peace forever.” This is the West’s plan and the terrorist groups are going to put it into action. This is the West’s ultimate strategic goal in the region.”

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SOUNDBITE [French] Newscaster: “The last question which is related to Israel and the recent events in Arab countries, in particular Libya – won’t these events threaten Israel?”

TIME CODE: 10:58_11:16

SOUNDBITE [French] Bernard-Henri Lévy, Zionist Theorist:“I want to go farther: I’m in touch with Israel unconditionally and love Israel unconditionally. That’s why I say that I want to direct the Arab Spring to the benefit of Israel.”

TIME CODE: 11:54_12:55

SOUNDBITE [English] Alon Ben-David, Zionist Journalist: “Today we see Iran and taking the leaf in setting the region’s agenda and traditional Arab powers, Saudi Arabia, Egypt have wakened also because of the weakening of US position in the regions, on the decline in last two years and the most troubling part of that change I think is Iran being a part of what we call it radical access. And as we see today this access is to consist of Iran, Syria, Hizbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza might win another victory in Iraq and it is a big question mark in future, but it appears Iran will have a lot of influence in Iraqi government that we will see so threat in the eyes of Israel and I think most of the Sunni countries out of Shia …”

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Nabil al-Halbavi, Syrian Member of the AhlulBayt World Assembely: “The enemy was supported by the hegemonic powers, the Zionists, ignorant scholars and pseudo-scholars.”

TIME CODE: 13:06_13:17

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Muhammad Al-Zoghbi, Religious Leader of Takfiri Groups: “People of Syria, fight against this infidel with your wealth, lives and tongues. This is a sacred jihad.”

TIME CODE: 13:19_13:46

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Sadiq Al-Uthmani,Moroccan-Brazilian Sunni Scholar:“Those who have issued these fatwas, why don’t they issue a jihad fatwa against Israel? The religious scholars in the Persian Gulf countries have issued a jihad fatwa against Syria but why they don’t issue such a fatwa against Israel? Why don’t they issue a fatwa for young Muslims to wage a jihad in the occupied territories?”

TIME CODE: 13:46_14:04

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Muhammad Al-Zoghbi Religious Leader of Takfiri Groups: “People of Syria, your jihad against this infidel comes before your jihad against Israel. According to Ibn Taymiyyah, “The Nusayriyyah sect is more infidel than the Jews and Christians.””

TIME CODE: 14:05_14:49

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Nabil Halbavi, Theology Lecturer, Damascus University: “Some simple-minded people mar the image of Islam. Instead of portraying a good, clean, pretty, mild image of Islam and showing its glory, we see that this heavenly religion has been shown very ugly and has been boiled down to bloodshed, destruction, murder, killing in bazaars, mosques, streets and other places. This way, the West achieves its objectives one after another.”

TIME CODE: 16:04_16:08

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Newscaster: “You say Daesh shares al-Qaeda’s ideology and is in fact its affiliate.”

TIME CODE: 16:11_16:14

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Nabil Na'eem, Founder, And Democratic Jihad Party: “We believe so … We believe so …We believe that Daesh’s ideology is al-Qaeda’s. Daesh was created in 2006 but we founded al-Qaeda in 1989.”

TIME CODE: 16:15_16:22

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Newscaster: “Tell us what Daesh’s stances are. If we ask Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri about Daesh and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, what will he say?”

TIME CODE: 16:27_16:45

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Nabil Na'eem, Founder, And Democratic Jihad Party: “Ayman asked Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to pledge alliance with him, but he refused because al-Baghdadi is a US stooge. Al-Baghdadi said the he was the pioneer of establishing an Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant and Ayman owed allegiance to him. Ayman didn’t agree with him and as a result some conflicts arose.”

TIME CODE: 16:47_16:51

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Ahmad Al-Haj Ali, Political Expert: “Providing Israel with security and welfare is one of the main goals of the West in the region.”

TIME CODE: 16:55

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Takfiri Terrorist group: “I swear to God that we’ll butcher you.”

TIME CODE: 17:03_17:50

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Ali Qasim, Editor-In-Chief, and Al-Thawrah Newspaper: “We must not forget that whatever has happened in the region has been for the sake of Israel because in the US government there are some plans that have to be implemented. US Secretary of State John Kerry once pointed out that the peace talks between the Arabs and Israel would be concluded within six months. It’s more than 70 years that Palestine has been occupied and it’s more than two decades that both sides are negotiating and yet no solution has been found. Can Kerry find a solution for this problem? The US wants to distract the Arabs, their friends and their neighboring states whether in Turkey or Central Asia by getting them busy with the current events.”

TIME CODE: 17:50_18:14

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Ali Haidar, Syrian Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs: “The Muslim Brotherhood failed in Egypt soon and it hasn’t been able to gain a foothold in Jordan and their plan has failed in Syria. First of all, this plan will not work in Iraq and Syria and second, the followers of Erdoğan and the Muslim Brotherhood have been confined in Turkey.”

TIME CODE: 19:23_19:42

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Ali Haidar, Syrian Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs: “There’s no big difference between Turkey’s plan for having a modern Ottoman state and Israeli plan for ruling over the whole region and here there’s a conflict of interest. But the fact is that both sides have reached a common ground between Great Turkey or Ottoman Turkey and Great Israel.”

TIME CODE: 19:43_19:45

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Local resident of Syria: “From here, Yarmouk Camp begins. Over there are Palestine Street and Yarmouk Street.”

TIME CODE: 20:07

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Local resident of Syria: “We believe that this war was to displace Palestinians and was planned by Israel.”

TIME CODE: 20:10_21:02

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Malaz Meghdad, Lecturer, and Center for Syrian Studies: “The first aim of the “Open Doors Plan” was to establish a new reputation in compensation for what had been lost. I’m talking about the defeat of the Israeli regime in 2000 which prompted the regime to device the American-Zionist Plan. In addition, the plan is in compensation for the damage the regime suffered in the year 2006 in Lebanon against the resistance of this country and the Axis of Resistance. Again, the regime’s loss in the year 2009 in Gaza forced it to take new policies for the region so as to dissect and overthrow the regional states and destroy the resistance. The terrorist groups and their stooges that ignited wars in the region were parts of the mentioned plan. The aim was to take the region under control.”

TIME CODE: 20:26_21:45

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Abdullatif Omran, Editor-In-Chief, Albaath Newspaper: “These are Bernard-Henri Lévy’s confessions, not my opinion. He has clearly stated that terrorist activities in the region have been more dangerous than the attacks launched by the Israeli Army.”

TIME CODE: 22:09_22:31

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Abdullatif Omran, Editor-In-Chief, Albaath Newspaper: “Since Paul Bremer draw up a weak constitution in Iraq, dissolved the army, and destroyed all the security and economic infrastructures, the country couldn’t rise from the ashes promptly and couldn’t experience security. That’s why the terrorist groups were managed to infiltrate into the country.”

TIME CODE: 23:13_23:21

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs: “The truth is that the so-called defenders of human rights have to be blamed not us.”

TIME CODE: 23:21_23:43

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Labaneh Mashouh,Syrian Minister of Culture:“Man is regarded as a tool in the West and values like freedom, equality and justice which are very attractive are unfortunately nothing more than mere slogans the West has used to colonize the world.”

TIME CODE: 24:01_24:18

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Gabriel David, Bishop, Syriac Orthodox Church: “Today, what we are suffering from in the East is the fact that the Western states have adopted a double standards towards us, in particular the United States of America. US schizophrenia prevents us from trusting this country.”

TIME CODE: 24:50_24:58

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Ali Haidar, Syrian Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs: “The West likes conflicts of this kind to be always in this region. Why? Because the West can reach its political ambitions if the whole region is busy with conflicts.” 


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