Dirty Game: The Proxy War

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What is the role of Saudi Arabia in the war in Syria? What are its ambitions in this regard?

TIMECODE: 00:57_01:23

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah: “Islam is in danger. Religious teachings and Islamic mission are in danger. The second danger is a danger that can shake the foundation of Islam and threaten all Muslims. It’s rooted in a new interpretation of Islamic culture.”

TIMECODE: 01:49_02:09

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Abdollatif Omran, Editor in chief, Al Baath Newspaper: “Protocols 15 and 16 of the Zionist theorists expound a plan that Bernard-Henri Lévy and Bandar bin Sultan had drawn for attacking Arab and Islamic communities.”

TIMECODE: 02:36_03:18

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Abdollatif Omran, Editor in chief, Al Baath Newspaper: “The first threat coming from this agreement which is favored by the Zionists and the Americans is targeting orthodox Muslims, distorting history and trying to turn pristine Islam into an Islam that follows the US, Zionism and Wahhabism.That’s why over the four decades, the only outcome of these conflicts has been killing Muslims throughout the world.”

TIMECODE: 03:41_03:51

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Bassam Abu Abdullah, Director at Damascus Center for Strategic Studies: “Unfortunately, the terrorist groups are being funded by others like Saudi Arabia and Qatar which are actually the two arms of the Americans and the Zionists.”

TIMECODE: 04:00_04:27

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Ahmed el-Tayeb, Grand Imam of al-Azhar: “Another reason for the creation of such groups is that they are the result of a plot made by the enemies of the East. Their aim is to secure the interests of Israel so as make this regime the richest and the most powerful state in the region. We here in al-Azhar don’t consider such a plot unlikely.”

TIMECODE: 04:27-05:37

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Ostad Marzouq, Speaker, People's Council of Syria:

“What’s happening in Iraq is to secure the interests of imperialism, the US, Israel. The relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel have recently been disclosed. Their relations and interactions are not something new.

Now the media are talking about the relations between people like Turki al-Faisal - who for a long time was the director general of Saudi Arabia's intelligence agency - with those in charge of the intelligence services in the Israeli Army. Their talks have been in secret. The Israeli papers have talked a bit about it.”

TIME CODE: 06:34_07:05

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah: “It seems that Israel’s occupation of Palestine has nothing to do with it because members and leaders of these Takfiri currents pay no attention to the issue of Israel and Palestine and have taken no part in fighting against Israel. Therefore, the mentioned currents are not a reaction to the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli regime.”

TIMECODE: 07:06_07:28

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Ostad Marzouq, Speaker, People's Council of Syria: “We must know that the open talks and modern interactions that the media have alluded to are part of a project at the service of the US, Israel and its regional allies namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.”

TIMECODE: 08:30_08:49

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Taleb Ibrahim, Deputy Director, and Damascus Center for Strategic Studies: “Turkey took responsibility to provide the terrorists with weapons. Some joined the country from Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan. Intelligence services in the US, the UK, Saudi Arabia and Qatar summoned the terrorists from all over the world. They came to Turkey before being sent to Syria.”

TIMECODE: 09:17_09:37

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Bassam Abu Abdullah, Director of Center for Strategic Studies, Damascus University: “Recep Tayyip Erdoğan himself was part of the new Middle East project. He has pointed out more than 34 times that he is the acting head of the Greater Middle East. We have noticed that the Justice and Development Party and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan himself are part of the US project in the region. Not only is he part of the Greater Middle East but also a main part in the adopted policies in the first plan.”

TIMECODE: 09:39-09:55

SOUNDBITE [Turkish] Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkish President: “I believe in the Greater Middle East and part of the project must be assigned to Turkey. The US must know that Turkey has a vital role in the project.”

TIMECODE: 10:12_10:54

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Bashar al-Assad Syrain President: “You remember, and I do remember how some people reacted to my remarks. At that time, I said that what was going on was premeditated. Attacking us was on top of the agenda. Syria has never supported unrestrained rebellion.

Bullying means to confront the world by rashness and recklessness without any Justification, or to act as brother Erdogan does. He intends to liberate the Syrian people from oppression and dreams of praying in the Umayyad Mosque. When the visit was about to happen, we saw that his feeling towards Israel was like he feeling of a baby towards his mother’s lap seeking her care warm- heartedness. He doesn’t have the courage to say his prayers in al-Aqsa Mosque.”

TIME CODE: 11:06_11:24

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Taleb Ibrahim, Deputy Director, and Damascus Center for Strategic Studies: “For the West, Daesh could pipe oil and gas through Turkey into Europe and this way Erdoğan could fulfill his lifelong dream. Another goal is to help Erdoğan portray himself as the supporter of the Kurds and this way improve his relations with this ethnic group. We saw how Daesh excommunicated the Kurds and began to kill them while the al-Nusra Front refused to do so.”

TIME CODE: 12:21_12:31

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Taleb Ibrahim, Deputy Director, and Damascus Center for Strategic Studies: “Without doubt, intelligence support has been offered by Israel to help the establishment of a Kurdish state. This way, the regime can have peace and security because there must be a Kurdish crisis in the region to substitute the issue of Palestine on the one hand and to ignite a continuous war among Muslims on the other hand.”

TIMECODE: 13:26_13:40

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Bassam Abu Abdullah, Director of Center for Strategic Studies, Damascus University: “Seriously, why are they funding these terrorist groups? Is it for promulgating their civilization? Basically, the Saudis have no civilization to promulgate but they have experienced backwardness and they are trying to promulgate it. They have no approach except for wreaking havoc and shedding blood in this regard. That’s why I think the destructive seeds of the House of Saud are laid within the House.”

TIME CODE: 14:06_14:56

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Bassam Abu Abdullah, Director of Center for Strategic Studies, Damascus University: “The House of Saud has been founded on the sword, bloodshed, murder and destruction. Today, Saudi’s support of the terrorist groups is the continuation of Saudi’s principles and it is the heritage of Saudis because this family has shown no signs of civilization in its history. Likewise, this family has set forth no signs of civilization for the future. This family has tried to fulfil its dream by establishing dominance over the holy land of all Muslims and misusing the Islamic symbols. The motto on the Saudis’ flag reads “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah,” with a sword and a branch of olive as the symbol of peace beneath it. We know that Islam is a religion that was spread throughout the world via good words. That’s while the Saudis have used the sword on their flag to show Islam as a religion that spread itself in the world through swords. But Islam is a religion of peace and mercy and was spread throughout the world via knowledge and scientific growth, and found many followers through mercy and good behavior. The symbol of Islam is no way the sword and bloodshed like the one we see in the terrorist groups.”

TIMECODE: 15:33_16:03

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Abdullatif Omran, Editor in Chief at Al Baath Newspaper: The Zionist plan and the Wahhabi plan are two similar plans in the region and have the same origin. First, both plans are reliant on oil revenues or petrodollars. Second, both are backed by the US. Third, Wahhabi and Zionist plans are pursuing hegemonic ambitions setting no limits for themselves. Fourth, both plans base their development on killing, bloodshed and destruction.”

TIME CODE: 16:56_17:47

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah: “This kind of thought lies in Wahhabism. The followers of Wahhabism are not the followers of Muhammad ibn Abdullah (PBUH) but they are the followers of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab. Wahhabism has strikingly been spread throughout the world. If you pay attention to terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, Daesh and the al-Nusra Front, you will find out what the basis of these groups; which books and teachings they study and practice. Their books are in fact the writings of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab and his descendants who grown up with his way of thinking and those who have been taught his views. Danger is laid in this phenomenon.”

TIME CODE: 17:48_ 18:22

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Nabil Halbavi, Theology Lecturer, Damascus University:“Imam Khomeini said that we had to use our minds. The mentioned groups are deprived of intellect. Such a thing has abandoned them and they’ve become – knowingly or unknowingly- puppets of the hegemonic powers and the Zionists. They’ve waged a war on their lords’ behalves to defeat the country. This is the meaning of a proxy war.”

TIMECODE: 19:04_19:16

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Ahmad Al- Haj Ali, Political Expert:“We see how Wahhabism prescribes laws that have nothing to do with Islam and we see who are laying their traps in this area. They’re taking advantage of this situation.”

TIMECODE: 19:18_20:13

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Ali Qasim, Editor in Chief at Al-Thawrah Newspaper: “About one century and a half ago, Wahhabism tried to do the same in the Levant. At that time, it confronted the Egyptians and waged a war when the Ottomans were ruling over Arab countries. They killed a lot of people. They’re repeating the same thing now. After a few decades, efforts have been made to whitewash Wahhabi record and make up new discourses. For example, the name Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab is chosen for a person. Why do they do so? Hasn’t such a person have a name or family? He certainly has a name and family but they want to show that this person is like our great Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah. This is a move to show that there is a similarity between the past and the present in order to sell their made-up religion as Islam while it has nothing to do with Islam.”

TIMECODE: 21:53_22:24

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Taleb Ibrahim, Deputy Director, and Damascus Center for Strategic Studies: “The al-Nusra Front has been made up completely by the Saudis. It is Bandar bin Sultan’s trademark. Daesh also comes out of al-Qaeda and is the trademark of Hakan Fidan, Turkeys’ Head of National Intelligence Organization. Turkey and Qatar support Daesh and Saudi Arabia supports the al-Nusra Front. There is an agreement between Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey concluded in Iraq. This agreement was made by foreign intelligence services with the aim of dismembering Iraq and perhaps Syria and Turkey.”

TIME CODE: 23:22_23:40

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Bashar al-Assad Syrain President: Peace be upon the faithful brothers in the Lebanese Resistance, those brave fighters, those who resist along with our army and defend the right on both sides of our borders. Some of them have fallen martyr while defending the Axis of Resistance. Peace be upon them and their families.” 


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