I Am from Iran: Saeid Abbasbandy

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As the scientific hub of the Middle East, Iran enjoys a rich scientific-cultural background. Iran has almost always achieved the highest place in mathematics among all Islamic countries. In a self-narrated documentary, Dr. Saeid Abbasbandy, a prominent professor of Applied Mathematics, takes us to his personal and academic lives. Dr. Abbasbandy was born in 1966, in Tehran. He has a Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics, sub-discipline of Numerical Analysis. He was the first person ever to graduate in Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, in Iran. At present he is working as a member of the Scientific Research Council of the Imam Khomeini International University. In 2009, he wrote a hot-paper in his own field of study. Aside from that, in 2014, the Thompson Reuters Institute released a list that contained one percent of the better scientists who had the highest number of citations in any specific field of work. They published this list in 2014 and, in it, there were 17 scientists from Iran. Dr. Abbasbandy was included in that list as a mathematician specializing in numerical analysis. To know more about this leading Iranian mathematician, watch Press TV’s “I Am form Iran: Saeid Abbasbandy”.


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