I Am from Iran: Davood Domiri Ganji

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Davood was born in the calm of Mazandaran’s nature and he was warmly nurtured by his parents. Dr. Domiri Ganji is now a prominent international researcher who has been presented as a the world’s top 1% scientists by the Thompson Reuters Science Institute, enjoying the highest number of world citations in his field of work. Although he has received many offers to work abroad as a mechanical engineer, Dr. Domiri Ganji has kept a strong faith in the local resources and cultivating them. He has put his words into action by leading the National Elites Foundation in his town. Dr Davood Domiri Ganji is, in fact, one of the 10 outstanding scientists whose professional, academic, and personal stories have been told in Press TV’s 10-episode series, I Am from Iran. Though active in different fields of study, these scientists all have one characteristic in common: love of their home country and providing their fellow Iranians with their insights.


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