I Am from Iran: Majid Eshaghi Gorji

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Born in the clam of the beautiful nature of Mazandaran, Iran, Majid started discovering the patterns in the marvels of the world around him which he would later realize in his mathematical works. In his married life, he finds his inspiration for science in nature, music and spending time with his family. All of this leads to his success in the realm of mathematics. In 2013 Dr. Eshaghi Gorji, with the help of his colleagues, presented the shortest solution to the mathematical Lieb’s theorem – the most important function in functional analysis. Applications of this theorem are found in quantum mechanics, military and aerospace industries. He was chosen to be among the world’s top one percent scientists by Thomson Reuters for his high rate of citations. Now a professor of Mathematics at Semnan University, Dr. Eshaghi Gorji continues to be of great help and inspiration to his students. Although he has been invited to work in the Japanese industries, he prefers to stay in his own country and help brighten its future.


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