Iranscape: Zeno and Teresa

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Zeno and Teresa are two young people who have travelled to Iran from Europe to study the Farsi language. They both reside in Tehran. Each has found Iran an amazing place and now they want to learn the language to be able to communicate with the people and understand the rich culture better. Zeno is amazed by the disparity he sees between the reality in Iran and the portrayal of the country by Western media. He has found Iran to be a beautiful country with friendly and hospitable people. All these factors have encouraged him to stay in Iran to master the Farsi language. Teresa has arrived in Tehran recently and she found Tehran to be a safe and vibrant city. She thinks Tehran is much like any other modern capital city in the world yet infused with the rich ancient history of Persia. This documentary follows Zeno and Teresa and two other friends as they explore Tehran, visiting parks, galleries and tasting popular Iranian street food.


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