I Am from Iran: Ali Akbar Saboury

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Which country’s scientific output rose 18-fold between 1996 and 2008, from 736 published papers to 13,238? The answer – Iran – might surprise many people, especially in the western nations used to leading science. While Iran’s population accounts for only 1% of the global population, 1.9% of all scientific papers published in 2016 have been produced by Iranian researchers and scientists. Iran is a nation of 78 million people, with about 4.5 million university students, 2500 higher education institutions, 36 science and technology parks, 400 nongovernmental scientific associations, more than 800 research centers, and 1000 scientific journals. The country's scientists publish about 30,000 international scientific papers annually. There has been a growth of at least 20-fold since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. These achievements could not have been reached without the intensive participation of individual scientists and scientific societies and government support. This participation sprang from a model of development for post revolutionary Iran that respects the rights of all Iranians to have access to higher education. Among Iran's academics and professors many internationally renowned scientists can be seen and Dr. Ali Akbar Saboury, a professor of biophysical chemistry is one of them. Dr. Saboury has been teaching and conducting research in one of Iran's leading universities over the past two decades. He has written and translated over 15 books in his field of expertise. And he has published over 350 articles in international journals. This documentary introduces Ali Akbar Saboury, the scientist and the man.


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