I Am from Iran: Mohammadreza Ganjali

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Mohammadreza was born in 1958 in Tehran and he showed interest in science from the early school years. Dr. Ganjali is now a prominent international researcher who has been presented as a the world’s top 1% scientists by the Thompson Reuters Science Institute, enjoying the highest number of world citations in his field of work both in Iran and in the world. Dr. Ganjali enjoys an exceptional winning spirit, a legacy inherited by all his three sons who he hopes to grow up to serve their country just like he himself. He is also helping and inspiring so many of his students and colleagues with the motivation of promoting Iran in the world of science. This passionate chemist aims at wining the Nobel Prize for his country. Dr. Mohammadreza Ganjali is, in fact, one of the 10 outstanding scientists whose professional, academic, and personal stories have been told in Press TV’s 10-episode series, I Am from Iran. Though active in different fields of study, these scientists all have one characteristic in common: love of their home country and providing their fellow Iranians with their insights.


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