Democratic Terrorists

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Extremist groups all over the world have common features; one of them is to recruit simple-minded individuals to carry out their plots of terror and chaos for them. The “Democratic” Party is no exception in this regards. This Marxist-based group, founded in early 1940s, aims at separating the Kurdish populated areas from Iran and governing them. The “Democratic” Party of Iranian Kordestan was majorly dissolved in 1946 when it lost the support of the USSR. However, its members have stayed active both in Iran and in Iraq and carry out terrorist actions once in a while. The most recent one was the murder of a simple villager, Hashem Zeinali, accused of cooperating with the government of Iran by the party. In this exclusive documentary by Press TV, you will learn about this act of terror from the terrorists themselves and you will also meet Hashem’s family brought face to face with the murderers. This film also proves how extremist groups like this one have damaged the good reputation of the Kurdish people.


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