I Am from Iran: Parviz Norouzi

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Parviz Norouzi was born in Abadan, Iran to a family of eight. After getting his BS in chemistry from the University of Isfahan in 1987, he continued his further education at Tarbiat Modares University in analytic chemistry and graduated in 1991. He then attended the University of Saskatchewan on a scholarship and got his PhD in chemistry from this university in 1999. He is now a renowned professor of electrochemistry and works at the College of Science, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran. As his major research area, he has focused on electrochemical measurement systems, which focus on the development of electrochemical instruments and techniques. In this part of Press TV’s 10-episode series, I Am from Iran, Dr. Parviz Norouzi talks about a bundle of interesting and riveting things: his family background, his educational background, how he got interested in chemistry, his academic career and experiences, the special prizes he has won, his interests, his married life, his scientific areas of interest, his authored books and other publications, his innovations etc. Moreover, we will get acquainted with his respected wife as well as his two brilliant daughters.


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