Israel Above the Law: Stricken Playgrounds

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Almost a decade has passed since the strict, harsh and inhumane Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip. During the siege, the Israeli occupation has launched four major military offensives against the people of Gaza targeting key infrastructure and civilians alike. The strict siege and wars have shattered the Palestinian economy in Gaza. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. The Zionist regime is keen on destroying the morale of the people and youth of Gaza. In addition to destroying private civilian homes, schools, hospitals and administrative buildings the Israeli bombs also destroy the stadiums where the people go to watch or play games. And yet this is not the whole story, the Zionist regime of Israel makes every effort to stop Palestinian civilians from engaging in sports and athletics. In addition to destroying the few available infrastructure, they also deprive athletes form permits to leave Gaza to participate in international competitions. They are trying to wipe Palestine and its flag off the world's sports arena. Those few athletes and national team members who do manage to go abroad to participate in competitions are interrogated and incarcerated upon arrival. But despite the harsh treatment and difficult situation Palestinian athletes are excelling in sports.


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