Under the Skin of Black Britain

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The United Kingdom's black population makes up the largest minority group in the country. Their African ancestry unites them whether directly from the continent or via the Caribbean. But it's not only their roots that unites this community, they have been discriminated against and been left at the bottom of every socio-economic indicator, be it wealth, health or education attainment. And there are those who still don't feel at home in Britain despite living there generation after generation, yet this tide could be changing. This three-part documentary series explores three different generations of black British citizens who have made a change despite the racist perception and atmosphere. The pioneers were those who first set foot on the land of the colonizer. They were the ones who braved the worst of the violence and prejudice. And despite all adds they managed to survive, raise a family and build a community. The next generations were those who broke the barriers, they were the history-makers and the ones who etched a new and better life for themselves. They were in the front line in the fight for justice and equality. And now a whole new generation of proud black youth have emerged who see no limits. These young men and women appreciate the heritage and sacrifice of their forefathers but are not hindered by a legacy of racism. They embrace their identity and promise to make the future a better reality to live in.


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